If your car is need of repairs or requires a routine maintenance, and you don’t have the time to take it a workshop and wait, there is an alternative. The modern trend of using mobile mechanics is catching up, and with that it means there is an abundance of mobile mechanics to choose from in most major cities. Mobile mechanics are qualified auto repair specialists, who carry out their business from self-contained vehicles that are basically auto workshops on wheels. With improvements in hydraulics and battery-powered wrenches, these mobile mechancis are capable of performing most types of vehicle repairs that a traditional brick-and-mortar auto workshop can take on. However, there are some advantages that a mobile mechanic has over their stationary counterparts.

This is the most obvious benefit. Normally, if you find yourself stranded because your car has broken down, you ‘d normally need to call a tow-truck to take it to nearby mechanic’s workshop. Also, unless you have a prepaid roadside assistance service, this tow-fee will result in additional fees, on top of your repair costs. With a mobile mechanic, you save time and money, because you cut out the middleman – the towing service – and go straight to the repair.

Speed of Repair
In some cases, when working with a regular repair shop, you have to make an appointment prior to your car being serviced or repaired and it may take days before you’re able to get the car into the workshop.  This can be inconvenient for some people, particularly if you only have the one car. A mobile mechanic can usually come to you to repair and service your car within 24 hours, and because they’re only working on your car while they’re with you, it means they won’t be distracted by other colleagues and customers.

Cost Savings
Mobile mechanics are normally less expensive than conventional automotive repair service shops. One reason for this is that they have less overhead. They are generally run by independent contractors and, for that reason, function without a huge team of mechanics that are necessary to run a brick and mortar workshop. In addition, a mobile mechanic does not have to stress over figuring utility bills and other overheads into his service charge, which implies that he or she can pass the cost savings on to you.

If you choose correctly you will find that mobile mechanics are as experienced in vehicle servicing as they’re traditional mechanics, so you can expect equally as good service for your car when you choose a mobile mechanic. These vehicle service centers on wheels come geared up with the most current in computer technology and diagnostic equipment, so they’ll be able to identify and take care of the problem quickly. They’ll be able to inform you on the spot the level of your damage; whether you need a new battery, or something else that is more complicated to repair. Although you may see some certification on the walls of a traditional workshop, you really have no clue about which specific mechanic is working on your car behind the scenes, so you have no clue about the specific qualifications and competence of the said mechanic.

Good mobile mechanics do not just perform their task and ride off into the sunset, never to be seen again. They are confident that the work they do is equal to, or better than, traditional repair workshops, and are prepared to guarantee their work. So, in the event of you being unhappy with the original work that was carried, then you have some recourse to either get the work redone, or get a refund. Always get any implied guarantees in writing, so you have legal recourse if necessary. This goes for both mobile mechanics, and car repair workshop.

So the next time you need some work carried out on your car, consider hiring a mobile mechanic to save yourself some time and money.

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