Vehicle repairs can range from something simple like changing an air filter, to other more comprehensive things such rebuilding an engine. Luckily, the majority of repairs fall into the classification of routine maintenance. If you wonder as to which car repair services are the most common, and can be carried out by a mobile mechanic, check the list below to give you an idea of the repairs that you can save money on by calling a mobile mechanic:

Oil Changes

Oil is the bloodline of your engine that keeps most of your engine component in perfect running order. In time, engine oil becomes corroded and has to be changed. Generally, it is advised that such a service be performed every 5,000 miles. Since the typical motorist usually drives that much around every 4 to 5 months, it’s not hard to see why an oil change is the most typical type of automobile repair, and it can easily and quickly be carried out by a mobile mechanic.

Fuel System Repairs

Air filters are tied to your car’s fuel system, and need to be changed every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. This will do much to prevent dirt and other pollutants from getting into the fuel system and triggering more severe damage. Fuel pumps likewise end up being blocked relatively frequently and need changing.

Tire Repairs

The constant pressure placed on your tires every day can lead to some common repairs and maintenance on them to prolong their lifespan. Naturally, punctures are fairly common and make up a large percentage of tire repair service services. These are are usually easy to do yourself, but may not always be convenient. For example you may be on your way to a formal meeting, and may not want to get your hands and clothes dirty before heading onto that meeting. Common tire maintenance can include tire rotation and tire replacements. Due to the regular wear and tear of roadway friction, tires ought to be rotated every 15,000 miles and replaced as often as your tire tread dictates.

Battery Repairs

The familiar sputtering engine and dying car battery is all too common world of automobiles. As you most likely know, car batteries lose their power over time, and this can be caused by the age of the battery, or inadequate charging due to a faulty alternator. Eventually you battery will have to be replaced. The common life span of a car battery is approximated at being between three to five years.

Coolant System

The coolant system is almost as delicately stabilized as the oil lubrication system. Coolant distributes throughout the engine, assisting to keep it from overheating. Both coolant flushes and radiator flushes are needed to preserve a healthy coolant system.

Electrical Problems

Burnt-out headlights and tail-lights are basic auto repair services that fall under the category of electrical problems. Replacing a blown fuse is another typical electrical repair. While both of these repair services are fairly inexpensive, a range of more pricey electrical repairs can also cause problems for modern day cars that are best left to the experts.

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